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custom solutions edmonton

We Are Listening: Small to large scale challenges?  Using the latest 3 Dimensional rendering CAD software, our certified-specialized team can meet the most complex needs to find the right solution that works for you.

Reliability: You trust Swagelok for the reliable tube fittings that your applications demand.  Edmonton Valve continues this legacy of superior quality, reliability and service for the assemblies you require.

Do More With Less: Whether it is one tubing bend to one hundred, we can help enable you to meet the industry's demanding requirements especially in times of economic uncertainties.  Edmonton Valve's fully electric Tube Bender ensures maximum performance and accuracy to create your build efficiently and correctly every time.

Contact Us, We Want to Help! 
Whether you are an established Swagelok client or a new one, we will continue to provide the level of support you have come to expect.

Stacey Phillips - Custom Solutions Manager